Elevate Your Spirits: Kollea's 2024 Sports Whiskey Decanters Unveiled

Welcome to a groundbreaking year with Kollea! In the realm where the elegance of whiskey meets the excitement of sports, Kollea proudly introduces its Sports Series, unveiled on January 22nd, 2024. At the heart of this collection are two exceptional decanter sets, each embodying the essence of refined taste and the enduring spirit of sportsmanship. The two extraordinary additions to our Sports Series: the Football Uprights Whiskey Decanter Set and the Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set.

Kollea Sports Series

At Kollea, we believe in commemorating the spirit of sportsmanship and the global love for athletic endeavors. Our Football Uprights and Baseball Bat decanter sets are more than just drink-ware – they are a tribute to the millions of sports enthusiasts around the world. These sets are crafted to capture the essence of two of the world's most popular sports: football and baseball. Each set is a masterpiece, embodying the elegance and excitement of these games.


Football Uprights Whiskey Decanter Set

Embodying triumph and resilience, the Football Uprights Whiskey Decanter Set pays homage to the iconic Uprights of American Football. Its field-like stand is ingeniously designed to immerse you in the game's atmosphere. The set's centerpiece, a dual pouring Football Uprights whiskey decanter. With a generous 28oz capacity and designed in the dynamic shape of football uprights, enables effortless and simultaneous pouring into two shot glasses resembling the classic American Football, each with a 3.8oz capacity, the set invites shared moments of enjoyment, capturing the essence of teamwork and shared victories along with the spirit of the game. Crafted with lead-free glass, the decanter and glasses are presented on a unique wooden stand that shaped like the football field, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your whiskey-drinking rituals. A perfect gift for those who appreciate the artistry of both sports and spirits, this set, too, is meticulously packaged for a premium and memorable unwrapping experience. Ideal for Super Bowl celebrations and sports enthusiasts.

 Kollea Upright Whiskey Decanter Set

Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set

The Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set is a celebration of tradition and the storied history of America's favorite pastime. Drawing inspiration from the home base plate, the stand of this decanter set evokes a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the game. Our Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter stands as a 20oz testament to meticulous craftsmanship, fashioned in the shape of a baseball bat. Paired with a 10.1oz baseball-shaped glass, both components are meticulously created with lead-free glass, ensuring an untainted whiskey-drinking experience that offers a perfect fusion of elegance and excitement. Thoughtfully curated for gifting, this set is the epitome of an ideal choice for any whiskey lover, presented in quality packaging for a premium unboxing experience. It's an ideal choice for baseball aficionados and those who appreciate the finer aspects of sports and style.

 Kollea Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter

Kollea's Sports Series bridges the worlds of whiskey and sports with an unmatched blend of sophistication and passion. These exclusive decanter sets not only elevate your whiskey-drinking rituals but also serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of sportsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or a sports enthusiast, Kollea invites you to savor the blend of sophistication and athleticism in every sip. Embrace the spirit, celebrate the moment, and experience the art of whiskey like never before with Kollea's Sports Series. Cheers to the perfect blend of class and passion!

 Kollea Sport Series

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